Sunday, 28 October 2012

Skyfall aka Bond's 50th Anniversary

On a whim on Friday I decided to go and see Skyfall, rather than wait a bit for the fuss to die down and I was very lucky in managing to acquire one of the last three tickets for the 12.40 pm showing. It was great fun. Everything you could want from a Bond movie. In fact I'd say it was one of the best, if not the best Bond movie. 

I'll start at the beginning with the opening sequence and theme tune. The opening sequence was a great teaser telling you what lay ahead and the theme tune by Adele really fit this movie and Bond in general but I equally believe that is good enough to be a stand alone song. It had plenty of effects but it wasn't one effect after another. It had an actual storyline and Judi Dench was in it quite a lot. She was so good she that Meryl Streep effect* and the new Q was a brilliant touch. Q is now a young techy (and cute of course) geek, so fitting for a 21st century Bond film. Javier Bardem was just brilliant as the bad guy, cheesy in just the right way (and right amount) in certain moments. Bardem is definitely a leading contender in the best Bond Baddie stakes. I also loved M's new office interior at the end and Bond fans will instantly know why as soon as they see Skyfall. However for those of you haven't seen it yet I won't spoil it with a description here.** There were a few other references to past movies to please fans, but not so overt to have you groaning nor would they leave Bond newbies scratching their heads in puzzlement at the remarks. The Bond producers really nailed it this time by getting a great script, with a great cast and director who does proper films rather than just action films. Sam Mendes showed a brilliant streak in his direction here. He didn't try to turn Bond into Shakespeare or some worthy, meaningful drama he just let it be a great yarn with some fab action sequences and far more realistic gadgets than one would expect from a Bond movie. A real cinematic treat.

I don't own any Bond movies on DVD, but this is one I will be buying. The reason I've never owned any is because they're repeated so often on TV that there is no need to have them even if you do love them (which I do). Having seen them so often I am deeply familiar with the various Bonds and their respective Baddies and whilst I'll always have a soft spot for Roger Moore's twinkly-eyed Bond, Daniel Craig played Bond so well this time that if the producers continue to give him great scripts, directors and baddies to spark off he may yet go down as THE Bond in the way David Suchet is THE Poirot.

*You know the one where you end up thinking or saying that you want to be her when you grow up.
**Nor am I spoiling anything by telling you that there will be a new interior for M's office at the end.

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